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posted : Monday, April 18, 2011
title : Ahhh
Ooookay so I realize I've been neglecting my blog for like...
Yes I have to caps to emphasize how long it has been

Basically nothing much going on in life
Except the horrific fact that yes
Completely stressed out now
But I don't know where to start!
6 subjects and all hard core ones
Time to study Ms. Lau

At times like these
People just wish exams don't exist
That does not exclude me of course

Let the battle begin
3 stressful weeks here I come!!
Bloodshot eyes, zombified looks
Various exam symptoms are here to stay =3=
Let me get through this so I can enjoy my holidays! :3

posted : Saturday, October 30, 2010
title : Cameron Highland
Journey to Cameron Highland !!
As we twisted and turned
Endured the poop truck
The temperature started to drop
Man was it cool!! :D

Arrived safe and sound
Placed our bags and ventured out to explore the place
We stayed at an apartment on top of a hill
The view..
The air..


Yes it was on the top most hill!

We settled for steamboat as dinner
Tom yam + chicken soup

Finished everything except some vege :P

Walked around and saw this shop
Practically everything is in the form of strawberries
Strawberry pillow, shirts, soft toys, key chains..
You name it!

Around 10pm we arrived back at the apartment
Legs sore and out of breathe from climbing the steep hill + flight of stairs
From this I know I can never go to Mt. Kinabalu :/
We nestled on the sofas and enjoyed shows
My cute Patrick :P
Reminisced many shows from our childhood days
Crashed at around 2am

Next day bright and early
Dragged myself out of bed and the floor was freezing
Reminds me very much of India (:
Near 9am Uncle Robin came and fetch us for our van tour!

First stop: Tea farm
I think this farm is around 300+ acres
And it is the smallest compared to other tea farms :O

I'm no fan of tea but this sure is spectacular

Second stop: Bee Farm!
(Uncle in purple is Uncle Robin)

Those boxes are the hives of the bees
Which is really freaky TT
They were swarming around freely
What if they suddenly go amok and start attacking innocent bystanders? *me*
Thank goodness that did not happen though :P
So I survived the horror-ness of that

We tried out the Bee Hive Maze
And got lost quite a few times

After going in rounds we finally made it
And we got to redeem a prize from the counter! ^_^
Which turned out to be a strawberry key chain

Third stop: Market sorta place
This may look disgusting
But it is TASTY!! :3
The chocolaty heaven + sourish strawberry

Finished the strawberries so..
Ate the leftover chocolate with cherry tomatoes :P

Fourth stop: Strawberry farm
We were only allowed in the unripened section ):
So this is the only strawberry I found with a lil red color showing
*Bought lotsa strawberries*
Had strawberry chocolate ice cream + Strawberry with whipped cream

Fifth stop: Time tunnel
This is the place where you can see stuff collected from the olden days
Also from the not so olden days
Probably around 10 years ago

Darlie used to be known as Darkie
It had this very scary looking man on it
I wonder how they made sales with that name and picture :/
No offense though
I'm a Darlie user :P

Do you see 2 woman?
One old one young ;)
Took me more than 5 minutes to find the old lady =_=

Sixth stop: Cactus valley
These small cactus-es were on sale
Adorable aren't they? :3

This one is suppose to eat flies @@

After that we went back to the town
Where we had our lunch at the T-Cafe
Strawberry crepe
Sweet + sourish (:

Finally had the scones so highly recommended
It is tasty with a unique flavour
Would definitely have it again if I go back there
Though it did make my tongue feel weird

And that ends the Cameron Highland trip
Enjoyed myself immensely
Especially LOVE the cool weather
Reminds me greatly of India!!
Though it's not as cold but it is so soothing
Can I cling onto Cameron and not let go please? TT

p/s. View my facebook for more pictures :D
All in all
It was totally worth the queasy journey there!!

posted : Saturday, October 16, 2010
title : 萧敬腾 concert!
Man I wanna go to 萧敬腾's concert end of the year
But guess it's not possible for me!
Since I have ISGP then (Can't wait!)

Yes I know I've said it before but..
I totally LOVE him!
He is the first singer I adore so much :3
Before this I like the songs not much of the singers :/

Hmph! =3=
Whatever it is
I will fulfill my dream of going to his concert some day! :P
Wait for me 萧敬腾!!
I wanna scream my lungs out for the sake of screaming
Screaming his name and going berserk xD
Must experience the craziness of concerts!!

Year 1 Sem 2 starts monday! (:

posted : Monday, October 11, 2010
title : Sem break
Ahh back in Kampar once again
Spent the first 2 week of sem break with my sisters
Melaka + KL

First stop: Melaka
Tried 田鸡 porridge (Don't really like it)
Ate all-you-can-eat bbq/buffet :D
Joined 2 birthday parties
Sing K till late night at people's house
Played Wii (First time!) and lost :3
Played badminton (After almost 2 years of not doing so)
Had DIARRHEA (The total eww-ness) :/

Second stop: KL
Went back to TARC (: (Boy I miss that place!)
Smuggled into class with former DML2 U3's
Lunched with them at pizza hut (Enjoyed myself tremendously!) :D
Blister on my foot TT
Sing K at Neway (Yes again, this time screaming my internals out)
Watched "Eat, pray, love" ♥♥♥
Diarrhea attacked me once again (Looked it up and suppose it's due to diet change) :/
Lunched with a few Bahai friends
Dinner with my former lecturer (Kinda weird) XD
Had Nando's, MCD chocotop, Big Apple donuts!
Experienced black-head removing and it HURT SO BAD!! TT Never again!!
Preparation for Muet :P

Last stop: Kampar
Muet speaking exam tomorrow! (So totally nervous T.T)
Gonna be having deliveries and take-aways alone for a week till sem 2 starts
Waiting for results to be out (Scared stiff!!)

♥ Miss DML2 U3!!

Dolce far niente peeps (:
"Sometimes to lose balance in love is the balance in life."
Great movie and unexpectedly long xD
Love the sexy man OK! :P

♥ Happy birthday to my dearest dad!!
Hope that you enjoy yourself today

posted : Sunday, September 26, 2010
title : 萧敬腾
萧敬腾!! ♥♥♥
Totally loveeeee him now!
Have you heard him sing?
It's like seriously good!
And he is so adorable wakakaka! :3

Finally the stressful exam period is OVER!!
Pray that my results wont suck :/
Am so gonna rock this holiday with dramas

Because of MUET I'm not going back to Miri
Crashing with my sisters for 2 weeks
Missing home so much TT
I want home cook meals!!
At least for now
Oh and also no more cycling
For 3 weeks that is xD
I wanna get my fair skin back please

Happy holidays peeps~
Woohoooo~~ :D

posted : Wednesday, September 15, 2010
title : Unlucky day!
Seriously THE most unlucky day EVER!
Woke up at 6am (Yea I know, EARLY)
Had to revise what I studied for exam
Part 1
As I was leaving the house for Uni
A car came speeding down the lane!
And I ALMOST got hit
Just that fraction of a second delay
I could have ended up in the hospital =_=
Thank God for letting that fate bypass me
Part 2
Reached Uni unscathed (phew)
Parked my bike and I have NO idea why it fell
Here comes the good part
The plastic cover for my back wheel broke off
Practically dismembered from the bike ):
At first I did not think much about that
After that I realise...
It plays an important part LOL
Part 3
Exam was seriously HELL
The tips given scammed us
Only 5 sentence from the things I memorised were used
And so..
I had to use my crapping skills
Hope that my crap can score me some marks T.T
Part 4
Cycled home
Rain started falling
Heavier and heavier as I go
This is when I realise what the part of my bike that fell off was for
Yes it was to protect me from being sprayed by dirt + water
And so I reached home not only drenched
Also with dirt all over my back

Let's hope this does not happen a second time! =.=

posted : Monday, August 30, 2010
title : Yamamoto Takeshi
Yamamoto Takeshi
Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Saw him and just started drawing (:
His smexy-ness sparked my inspiration for drawing

posted : Friday, August 27, 2010
title : finals!


I need study mood to conquer me!!
Where are you when I need you?!
Come to my rescue please!!

17 more days to finals T.T

posted : Wednesday, August 18, 2010
title : Lee Sun Gyun
Lee Sun Gyun
Started watching Korean drama - Pasta
And LOVING it! :3
He is just so gorgeous
Not to mention sexily evil :P
Could not resist the urge to blog about him
A must watch drama!! :D

Linguistic presentation tomorrow
Not prepared yet :/
Still pia-ing Pasta x)